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female_great_shapeSeeking optimum results in every facet of your life means that you’re very much aware of the vast number of health and performance enhancing products available to you.


Massive  marketing campaigns present life changing stories and tell you that you absolutely must supplement with their particular product. It is confusing, with the result that we spend much more money than we need to in order to improve and maintain a healthy body.


So, at Embla Global, we try to make it simple. You should:

  • Absolutely and definitely use an Arginine supplement for ensuring Nitric-Oxide supply to your entire body so that your body is unlikely to experience cardiovascular disease.
  • Encourage fat burning mode in your body with an Arginine formulation that maximizes hypothalamic Leptin receptor site sensitivity.
  • Protect yourself from free radical damage that is coincident to Nitric-Oxide production.

Our products, Cardio Care and Cardio Pro, were designed by experienced wellness coaches to give you maximum cardiovascular benefits, maximum cellular and free radical protection and maximum Leptin sensitivity for ensuring that your body stays in a fat-burning mode, and maximum muscle repair, enabling you to stay lean and trim.

These two products are the most complete and beneficial L-Arginine products on the market. You should choose them because they provide maximum nitric oxygen benefits, including Human Growth Hormone stimulation, coupled to protection and repair of your critically important cell membranes and receptor sites.

Whether you are an athlete or couch-potato, young adult or centenarian, our products are the right choice for putting Nitric-Oxide to work in your body, without fear of damage due to free radicals. If you are an athlete, Cardio Pro is the right choice for you, and for everyone else, Cardio Care is the product you should use.


Embla Arginine Products

The considerate sharing of user experience is always good. It provides us with starting points for our own research and saves us valuable time by not having to “try everything” ourselves. The only caveat is that user experience is not the same as scientific research because user experience has not been coupled with scientific controls, and does not weed out “other possibilities” either for good or bad results. Our user experience stories are not investigated and are not subject to scientific controls; therefore, you must not assume that your experience will be similar.

Myrna C. - Utah, USA

The first thing I noticed is that [my] nighttime muscle cramps came to an abrupt halt... I am sleeping better, and it is easier for me to get up and moving in the morning. Read More.

Dr. Thomas L. - Sweden

Embla Arginine products have many health benefits but the antidote for jet-lag is probably one of the most impacting of all for me. I recommend Cardio Care or Cardio Pro for anyone that travels internationally and also, drives long distances for business or pleasure. Read More.

Charles S. - Utah, USA

Since taking Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care on the Nighttime regimen... I have slept better and noticed a reduction in the pain I previously experienced. Read More.

Dennis S. - Utah, USA

After taking the nighttime regimen, my endurance is so much better.  Even manual type labor work that would previously exhaust me is now feeling much easier to finish and I don’t have sore muscles the following day. Read More.

Bill Busby - Florida, USA

Embla Arginine’s products are the real deal. With them, I’ve gained increased endurance and wonderful sleep. Read More.



Myrna C. - Pleasant Grove, Utah

Before taking Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care, I was feeling mentally and physically awful and I was at an all time low.  I have had health problems in the past with the Epstein-Barr virus (chronic fatigue) - what I call "Bone Weary" fatigue, and I was experiencing a major flare-up at the time I was introduced to Embla Arginine.  I was not sleeping well at night, and could barely drag myself out of bed in the morning.  During the night, I would get muscle cramps in my calves and feet - sometimes so bad that I would have to get out of bed and “walk them out”, sometimes several times each night.  I ached everywhere, particularly in my joints. My feet burned constantly (diabetic neuropathy), and I was walking with a limp - what I refer to as a kind of “Old-Lady-Shuffle”.  I would become so sleepy and mentally fatigued at work that I couldn't make it through the day without at least one energy drink.  I felt like I was in a mental fog.  In short, I have never felt so old and I was ready to see a doctor to try to find out what was happening with my health and well being.

I have taken Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care, an Arginine Supplement, for over two months and there have been some definite improvements to my overall physical and psychological health.  I am a lot less “groggy”, probably because I am sleeping better, and it is easier for me to get up and moving in the morning.  Additionally, I don't wake up as many times during the night -- and sometimes not at all.

The first thing I noticed is that the nighttime muscle cramps came to an abrupt halt.  The overall achiness is pretty much gone and I can move around without the constant pain I was previously experiencing.  Usually, before a weather storm, I can feel increasing pain in my joints, but the last several storms have come and gone without me being able to predict their coming by the level of pain in my shoulder’s, knees, and hips, etc.  Almost immediately, I noticed that the burning in my feet disappeared, and it has not come back.  I still experience some numbness that is due to my diabetes, but the burning has gone.  My daytime sleepiness is also greatly reduced and the mental fog is getting better.

Another plus is that Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care seems to suppress my appetite.  I initially lost about 8 lbs in weight.  I have been battling a bad cold this past three weeks and I tend to comfort myself with food, whether I’m hungry or not, so I haven't lost any further weight during this period of sickness.  Now that I’m feeling better, I have noticed that once again I am less hungry, so hopefully Ill continue to burn more adipose fat tissue.  My blood pressure, which is usually high, even though I am on medication to control it, has gone down, and is frequently closer to normal range.

I was having hot flashes throughout the day and night sweats at night.  I have realized that the hot flashes have been greatly reduced in both frequency and severity.  The night sweats have almost completely disappeared.

Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care is my night time treat and I drink it either cold or hot.  I look forward to drinking my Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care and knowing what it will do for my health by taking it on an empty stomach.  The delicious flavor of Eastern Orange Crème helps me to resist the temptation to snack for at least two hours before going to bed.

Overall I am feeling a lot better.  I make periodic visits to the health center for routine checkups with my doctor and hopefully, if I continue to take Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care, my aches and pains will not return and my energy level will continue to improve.  I do not want to stop taking this product.  I do not want to return to where I was a couple of months ago and even though there are a number of L-Arginine supplements available on the market, I want to continue to experience L-Arginine health benefits with my improved health condition and I recommend Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care to people that are seeking to reduce their own aches and pains.


Dr. Thomas L. - Sweden

I am a seasoned international business traveler spending many months of the year in different countries and therefore, different time zones. Dealing with jet-lag is always a challenge and despite experimenting with different strategies over many years, I have recently discovered that the nighttime regimen of Embla Arginine is the best supplement solution I have ever found to assist me in combating jet-lag.

I find that when I take 2 scoops of Embla Arginine when on travel (and when NOT on travel too!), I enjoy a very deep and nourishing sleep. I might wake up early but I do not feel at all tired and can conduct my business activities until late at night without the bad effects of jet-lag.

Embla Arginine has many health benefits but the antidote for jet-lag is probably one of the most impacting of all for me. I recommend Embla Arginine for anyone that travels internationally and also, drives long distances for business or pleasure.


Charles S. - Utah, USA

I began to take Embla Arginine in February 2011 with my son Dennis.  I have some  general health issues but I find that my sleep patterns are extremely bad and especially after braking my leg two years ago. I don’t get much sleep at all but when I do sleep and then wake up, I have pain in my body.

Since taking Embla Arginine on the Nighttime regimen and also, on some days, an extra serving during the day, I have slept better and noticed a reduction in the pain I previously experienced. It is claimed that L-Arginine can help in healing wounds and I feel that I might be benefitting from that aspect of the product as I can also walk better since I started to take Embla Arginine.

One of the greatest benefits I’ve felt is the extra, smooth energy I seem to have now throughout the day.  I suppose that getting a great sleep helps with the day that follows it but I am certainly feeling better all round since February.

I am also happy that the antioxidants may help me with killing off free radicals and also, helping to repair cell membranes.  And as a 90 year old man, the anti-aging elements are also VERY welcome!


Dennis S. - Utah, USA

I began to take Embla Arginine in February 2011 and even after two weeks, I felt that I was sleeping better and also, my strength and endurance had improved.

I play basketball as part of my exercise program and I find that after taking the nighttime regimen, my endurance is so much better.  Even manual type labor work that would previously exhaust me is now feeling much easier to finish and I don’t have sore muscles the following day.  This means that I can exercise even more and make even bigger overall improvements.

Embla Arginine has made a huge difference for me and I really like the completeness of it too.  I’ve cut back on some of my other supplementation and I’m actually saving money!


Bill Busby - Florida, USA


See the pictures of Bill’s championship form (from the Senior North American Body Building Championship of August 2012). The result of my testing this product is exciting and positive to say the least!

I saw and felt great overall development, increased energy and an endurance boost after using Embla Arginine. My sleep pattern is wonderful and I’m very much awake in the morning. I believe that Embla Arginine is the real deal.

For over 25 years, I used and became very familiar with L-Arginine based Human Growth Hormone (HGH) secretagogue products. Based on this familiarity, I’ve been very critical of products that claim to provide HGH release. I’ve found no other product that includes the kind of catalyst that Embla Arginine’s Cardio Care and Cardio Pro provide. It sounds easy, but the carrier, or the complete L-Arginine product, is more complex than what I make it out to be in my previous statement. I’m not a chemist or pharmacist, but an experienced end-user and I’ve competed using L-Arginine, talked about it, and recommended its use over the years. Embla Arginine is a unique one because the designers focused on building a product that addresses the needs of the athlete and non-athletes alike. They successfully created a product which contains immune support for the cells, a scavenger for harmful free radicals and arterial support for circulation.!

Bill’s introduction to competitive bodybuilding was at the Mr. Worcester, MA in 1973. In 1986, Bill entered the 220 class and became the world power lifting champion for that division. He was also runner up in Mr. International and Mr. America in that same year. Bill continued to compete until 1996 winning many other class competitions and national, international and invitational titles in powerlifting. Bill was a finalist in the Mr. World event of 1991 thus ending a very successful career on the arduous competitive circuit.

Currently, Bill is a personal trainer and consultant to professional athletes, medical doctors and amateur sports participant. Bill has developed a profound proclivity toward baby-boomers. His training techniques are highly successful for athletes and non-athletes alike. Bill provides unique and systematic training regimens for his clients and utilizes his many years at the top of the competitive game as well as his never ending acquisition of knowledge to assist his clients in accomplishing  their health and wellness goals.

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